The Collective V3 – Now on sale!

Support Pants Cannon Media, independent film, and female filmmakers – all in one! Order The Collective V3 for $10. (Add $1 if you need it shipped and order it through Paypal. Message me for an in person delivery instead of Paypaling.) The Collective features ten short films, all with a common theme. V3 features shorts […]

My First Review..

The first review of The Collective V3 and He Who Watches was posted last night. It’s actually the first review I’ve ever gotten for anything. “The strength of He Who Watches lies in Kylee Wall’s creatively nuanced script and in the foreboding performance by Schroeder….[O]verall Wall and Toomey accomplish quite a bit with this low […]

Screening soon!

The first screening of our film He Who Watches is coming up this Friday at the Irving Theater. The screening event got a mention in this week’s DoItIndy as #3 on the top 5 things to do this weekend in Indianapolis. I edited Love Dance with Katie Toomey and script supervised Home Security, and was […]