Press Release – Sexy and Scary night at The Irving, Indianapolis


INDIANAPOLIS – INDIANA, January 5 – Multi-award winning Pants Cannon Media will take part in an epic screening of sexy and scary shorts from Indianapolis filmmakers at the Irving Theater; Friday, February 17 at 7pm.

Tickets are $7 at the door for 8 short films and two live performances by local musicians. Doors open at 7pm. DVD’s of films will also be available for purchase. Ticket sales go toward film festival submissions for Love Dance and Home Security. The screening is being organized and sponsored by Karmic Courage Productions.

He Who Watches – A psychological horror by Pants Cannon Media about a dying woman on the edge of life and death as she’s haunted by her past — and a mysterious entity.  Written & Directed by Kylee Wall and Katie Toomey. Stars: Eric T. Schroeder and Sarah Hoback.

Love Dance – A sexy comedy about a married couple who wanders into an adult store and might have gotten a little more than they bargained for. Written by Terry Shepard. Directed by Kate Chaplin. Stars: Rachel Illingworth, Joshua C. Ramsey and Eric T. Schroeder.

Home Security – Horror hits home as a security salesman tries to increase sales by breaking into people homes to scare them. Written & Directed by Kate Chaplin. Stars: Emmanuel Carter, L.E. Bradford and Sarah Moore.

Leah Not Leia – A dark comedy about a baby girl born during the STAR WARS boom in 1977 who shares a similar name to a certain Jedi Princess that wasn’t allowed to wear underwear. Written by Kate Chaplin. Directed by Tom Johnson and Nate Savidge. Stars: Carrie Fedor, Joshua C. Ramsey, Liz Collar and Chris Spurgin.

Ready to Settle – After too many weird blind dates a young lawyer decides if she is ready to settle. Directed by Valerie Pierce. Stars: Andi Wilson and Cassandra Schomer.

Domestic Disturbing – a dark comedy by Gary Weeks.

Funny Cat – a public service announcement of sorts about cats from El Cheapo Films. Written & Directed & Staring Dean Lee Devore.

Fertility 2.0 – A young couple falls prey to a socially- engineered Internet scam. Written & Directed by David Ross. Stars: Brian Boyd and L.E. Bradford.

Kylee Wall and Katie Toomey (Pants Cannon Media) provided post production for Love Dance, as well as on-set assistance for Leah not Leia and Home Security.

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