Recap – A Night of Indie Film

Last night, our film He Who Watches screened at the Irving Theater in Indianapolis. The night was put on by Kate Chaplin and Karmic Courage, and it was fabulous. The theater location was perfect for the subject-matter and completely packed full, with people even standing in the back and sitting on the floors. It was great to see so many of our cast and other crew we worked with on the other films shown all coming together to have fun. The final count of attendance was about 180, which is about twice as many people as I thought would come.
Our film was shown second and seemed to get a great reaction. I’ve never screened a drama or horror film in front of a large audience so I have no idea how you’re supposed to gauge these reactions. We don’t really have anything in our film that elicits a big enough response for me to see or hear in a dark theater. There was much applause and whooping afterwards though, so I was happy. I was particularly thrilled about how the film sounded. The theater didn’t have the best sound system so I didn’t get a good feeling for how our panning effects worked, but the dialogue portions sounded really clean and strong. In fact, the outdoor audio is so clean you can hardly tell it was shot outside. I was thrilled with the audio on the outdoor stuff we shot in Broad Ripple because it was the busiest day I’ve ever seen short of the Super Bowl celebrations and we had to seriously fight the most ridiculous stuff.

By 8pm, this was entirely packed full.

We also got a lot of praise from people after the screening. The other films we worked on looked great on the big screen as well, and got a good reaction. We got a chance to talk with a number of people about indie film and life and drink some great beer (my favorite local beer from Sun King Brewery which made the whole experience that much more awesome), so I would call the evening a fab culmination of 3 months worth of work and a success. In fact, films like this being shown at events like this is the culmination of MANY years of work, you might say.

He Who Watches will be premiering in Atlanta at Days of the Dead in March, and we’ll be pushing it around to a lot of different festivals in the coming months.