World Premiere of He Who Watches and The Collective V3 this week!

This weekend, March 10th, will be the world premiere of The Collective V3, Ten Minutes to Live, at Days of the Dead in Atlanta, GA. Many of the filmmakers from this collective will be in attendance for a Q&A after the screening. Unfortunately I won’t be there, as my friend’s wedding is the same day, but if you’re remotely into the horror genre and within driving distance to Atlanta, it’s definitely a con to check out. Plus, a few audience members will win an autographed copy of The Collective V3. There are some creative, inventive films on The Collective that look at the horror genre in a new way, and this time it’s even sweeter (in my opinion) because all ten of the films included were directed by women.

If you will be at the con, the ten films of The Collective V3 will begin screening at 9:30PM in the Amphitheater on Saturday night.

It’s hard to believe that Days of the Dead is already coming up this weekend. Time has flown since we started pre-production on He Who Watches. This is the first of any film I worked on in a meaningful capacity to screen outside the midwest, so it’s been fun to lead up to this day. I’m counting on the filmmakers who do attend to document the whole experience very well for us so we can live vicariously through them.

The Collective and He Who Watches will screen at other Days of the Dead locations this year in Indianapolis and Chicago, and I’d say it’s almost a sure bet that Katie and I will attend both of those.

As a side note, The Collective V3 will be on sale beginning this Friday, March 9. You get ten short films for just $10. I’ll provide a link where you can purchase The Collective on DVD when it’s available. I believe also that we’ll be able to post He Who Watches online soon.

As a sidenote, we were contacted a few weeks ago to submit our film to Dead by Dawn, Scotland’s international horror film festival. We’ll hopefully be finding out if the film made it into the festival selection this week. It would be pretty bad ass to have a film screen in another country, though it was fun to have been invited to submit internationally regardless of how it turns out. And it definitely opens up our minds to look worldwide for festivals to get our work out there.