Come See Me at the Southeast Creative Summit!

Self-promotion ahead! Which is funny, because it’s self-promotion about self-promoting. Maybe you’ve seen some posts about the Southeast Creative Summit. Maybe not. I’ll explain anyway. The Southeast Creative Summit is happening October 25-27 in Atlanta. It’s three days of workshops taught by working professionals in the video production industry — sound design, color grading, motion […]

How to Change the Color of Multiple Text Clips in Final Cut Pro 7

I’m currently working on a training video with a lot of text clips in the FCP7 sequence and I needed to change the color of all of them. After a quick Google search to make sure there wasn’t some elegant and quick way to do this since you can’t copy and paste text color attributes […]

Love Dance

I haven’t had a lot of posting time in the last few weeks. I had another shooting trip to Dallas/Fort Worth area, and then a conference in Las Vegas for a week. In the mean time, I’ve been co-editing a local short film with Katie Toomey called Love Dance, directed by Kate Chaplin. It’s about […]

More FCPX Thoughts

So a week and some days after FCPx is released and I still have noting valuable to contribute to the noise other than updating my own commentary. 1. Apple done effed this up. They tried to damage control it via Larry Jordan, I think. They should have rolled it out with more of a frame […]

Things I Didn’t Learn in School: 11 Things that make you edit more efficiently

11 Things that make you edit more efficiently (and therefore more professionally) that most new users don’t know (because it isn’t that intuitive and they don’t read the manual.) Here’s another installment in my on-going blog series about Things I Didn’t Learn in School, which is basically a series where I half-complain about the lack […]


Last Tuesday was about the most exciting Tuesday night I’ve ever had as an adult (I don’t get out much). Watching the FCPUG Supermeet live (via Twitter) and seeing Final Cut Pro X unfold was a pretty interesting experience. I have to say I’m looking forward to using the software. I really like what Apple […]