He Who Watches Teaser

Kaite & I put together a little teaser for He Who Watches to lead up to the local screening.

We’ll be working on a trailer to lead up to the Days of the Dead premiere and DVD release. We just wanted a mysterious lead-in for the local showing, and a way to show everyone that this movie does exist. You don’t really get anything about the film from the teaser other than there’s a guy who is watching her and a lot of really concerned looking people. Plus, it starts in with 20 seconds of black, which isn’t overly conducive to internet marketing. However, it sets the tone for our piece in every way, which sets expectations. If people aren’t at all intrigued by this little teaser, they probably aren’t the people who will enjoy the film. Maybe they are, but my instinct is that they won’t. Anyway, it was something we put together in between finishing some other projects (such as Love Dance, which will also screen with our film) and it takes some risks we wouldn’t normally take, but it’s unconventional – and a teaser – so we did what we wanted.

Plus, wasn’t the first teaser to the newest upcoming Nolan Batman film mostly all black until the end? That’s probably where I stole it. I remember it being a polarizing trailer, probably to fanboys who wanted to see more Batman!

We don’t have any fanboys 🙁 Yet..