Now on IMDB.

Our horror film was listed on IMDB this week.

It’s awesome to finally submit a film of my own on the site. It adds a level of legitimacy to it. Plus, we were able to give several of our actors (including our most regular collaborator) their first IMDB credits. It was nice to see them excited.

Funnily enough, this is also my first editing credit on my IMDB page. Otherwise, I have credits as production assistant on Leah not Leia and a film I worked on several years ago. Hopefully the recent films get on there soon so I can add another editing credit and the script sup credit.

Story time:

I also submitted a PA credit on a film I worked on in 2003 when I was in high school. I use the term “film” very loosely. It was a pretty terrible film about a girl who relives the time she was raped because of a school paper she has to write about a book with a rape. The script was terrible – she has to write a paper about it, the teacher makes her read it in front of the class (this comes across as horrible when I say it but it’s in more of a ‘maybe if you talk about it to everyone it’ll help’ which is terribly misguided and stupid but not malicious) but she freaks and darts. Meanwhile, the subplot is about a loser underachiever guy who is kind of a jerkface but comes by it honestly and tries to fix it but he gets dumped anyway. The storylines converge when the girl is in the hall after running out of class and throws away the paper with the details of her rape and how she found god to help her through it. She walks off into the sunset, seemingly worse off despite the long montage sequence about Jesus helping her through her rape. The semi-jerkface finds her paper in the hall, reads it, realizes he needs the lord in his life and prays in the hallway and his life is changed for the better. The end.

Any film that’s labeled a “christian film production” has a better chance at failing at storyline by it’s very nature, and this one certainly failed at character development. Unfortunately, the film was also plagued with horrible acting (except my two friends I brought into the film who were awesome in it), weird lighting, and abysmal editing and sound. The video quality was pretty good though, funnily enough. It also didn’t help the director was creepy and kept bugging my friend to do a tasteful nude shower scene. But it was still fun, and it was my first on-set experience, so I cherish it and the horrible film my name is on. At least it’s my maiden name, right?

I wish I could find my copy of the film. I would probably post it on here.