A Single Man

I wrote this and then re-read it and I realize it’s somewhat disjointed. I blame that on the fact this movie completely scrambled my brain apart. I went to see A Single Man on Friday night at our local indie theater, the only place it’s playing in the city. This movie really wasn’t on my… Continue reading A Single Man

Something that perturbs me..

I’ve learned a lot about the various formats, compressions, codecs, etc. that exist in the video world since graduation. I dedicate my “billable downtime” rendering or transcoding to learning more and reading up on white papers and forums. I’ve come to realize that my university education completely glossed over huge pieces of the post production… Continue reading Something that perturbs me..

Apple Pro Certifications

Since I completed some Apple Pro Certifications last spring, I’ve had several people inquiring about the certifications and my experience with them. When I was trying to decide if it was something I wanted to do, I couldn’t find a whole lot of good first hand information on the Internet. In general, I found a… Continue reading Apple Pro Certifications

A film-grimage.

Last night Katie and I were talking about some ideas I had, and suddenly we came up with the idea of a film-grimage. We’re still kind of debating the name of it but I personally happen to like the term. Anyway, what is a film-grimage? As you may of guessed, it’s adapted from the term… Continue reading A film-grimage.

Professional Resolutions

I follow @editblog on twitter and saw he made a list of professional resolutions for 2010. Although I think New Year’s resolutions are dumb, it somewhat inspired me to come up with a list of things to work on professionally in the coming year. Who cares if it happens to be at the same time… Continue reading Professional Resolutions

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Postapalooza 2009

I completely forgot I never blogged about Postapalooza. I am lucky to have an awesome employer who decided to send me there. I had never been to a conference of any kind before, so this was an entirely new experience for me. On a Sunday afternoon in October, I drove from Indy to southern Indiana… Continue reading Postapalooza 2009