A film-grimage.

Last night Katie and I were talking about some ideas I had, and suddenly we came up with the idea of a film-grimage. We’re still kind of debating the name of it but I personally happen to like the term. Anyway, what is a film-grimage? As you may of guessed, it’s adapted from the term pilgrimage.

A film-grimage is a long journey or search of great filmic significance. A journey to a shrine of the importance of cinema, in any capacity.

How will we go about our film-grimage? The answer is any way we can. We will attend workshops. Meet indie filmmakers. We’ll go to museums. We’ll see movies. We’ll read articles. We’ll find old cameras and play with them. We’ll do filming and editing exercises. We’ll do big projects. We’ll do small projects. We’ll travel. We’ll stay home. (We hope to travel more.)

This blog is our journey to continue to enrich ourselves as filmmakers by exploring every facet of cinema. It is a living document to record our personal journey to discover things we consider cinematically significant. We’ll post these things that help us on our journey here and reflect upon them.

Since we’re all graduated or about to graduate, this is a great way for us to continue to keep our minds open about everything we can, and have somewhere to post about it. Right now it’s me, Katie, and Aaron. We’re always going to be willing to add new contributors, or take people away.

If you would like to follow our film-grimage, add filmgrimage.wordpress.com to your daily rounds or RSS feed reader.