Why yes, I would like an iPad.

I knew today would be filled with a lot of annoying complainers. This is THE mythical tablet. It’s been a legend for years and years. Nothing can live up to that kind of hype. But I think the iPad has lived up to my expectations completely. I wasn’t shocked by any of the functionality because it’s exactly what I would have expected from Apple. It’s missing a few things I would like, but it’s still a huge deal in my opinion.

The iPad is just another thing on the path we’re currently taking to completely integrating technology into our life seamlessly. Back in the day, our computers were tethered to an office or desk in the corner of a room. They’ve slowly gotten smaller, portable, more accessible in our homes. Then they showed up in our pockets, traveling with us everywhere. The iPad combines our need to connect with our need to travel around with technology. Now, we all sit at home in front of our desktop or laptop. It’s just this big ol’ computer sitting in front of us. It FEELS computery. An iPad is less of a computer, and more of an extension of regular, open communication. It’s just like the way social media is going…we used to keep ourselves hidden behind avatars, and now we communicate openly and constantly on FB and Twitter.

I really like the idea of having one of these things around rather than my laptop. Most of the time, my laptop is more powerful than I need it to be. It’s a lot of hardware to be sitting on my lap, and compared to the iPad, it’s archaic and clunky. If I need to do high powered activities, I can switch to my future Mac Pro. As the Internet slowly continues its creep into our lives, having an iPad as your main communication tool rather than a desktop or laptop really makes sense, and I think in 10 years, computers like that will outnumber what we have now.

I do wish the iPad had a few things (of course). A camera would be nice, USB to connect to various devices, multitasking. Some people have been complaining about the lack of handwriting recognition or a stylus. These are the same people who complain about a phone not having a flip out keyboard. Why do you want a big clunky thing like that? A stylus? That is so 1998. Use your hands. And handwriting recognition, what for? Can’t you type 100x as fast as you can write by now? I’ve never been a fan of handwriting recognition (because I have awful penmanship) or a stylus (because it gets lost). Of course Apple wouldn’t have these ridiculous peripherals. Have you ever MET an iPod?

I’m also excited about the potential to use the iPad with video production. Using it to view dailies or preview edits for producers. Or in the edit suite, using it to control your edit system from the client’s couch so you can see your work from away from the editing station and focus on the cuts rather than the timeline..or let the client playback for themselves..maybe even make notes or place markers?

So basically, I think the iPad makes sense right now. I think like most things we have all grown to use on a daily basis in the last ten years, it will take a bit of time, but this mixed with the way our society is becoming so connected and real time is what we have to look forward to in technology.

I’m not sure I would get the 3G option. If it replaces my laptop, I use my laptop when I intend on being around wifi. If I travel here and there occasionally, I can find wifi spots if I want to be online for a while. If I need to search the internet for a quick answer, I have my iPhone for that. If I traveled regularly, I would get the 3G just so I would have the option.

It’s at a really awesome price point in my opinion, and the lack of contract is even better with the 3G. I wish it wasn’t exclusive to AT&T, but I have no issues with them most of the time. And it’s SO SHINY. MUST HAVE.