The Best Excuses from New or Underemployed Filmmakers and Freelancers

Read this post on Creative COW >> This blog post is going to skate really close to rant territory. I’d apologize for that, but I’m actually not sorry. You’ve been warned. (I did, however, take out all the swearing that would normally accompany this if we talked in person. That’s a premium service. Contact me… Continue reading The Best Excuses from New or Underemployed Filmmakers and Freelancers

Ingenue Premiere and other film updates

As I’ve previously mentioned, I’ve been working on the indie feature Ingénue for the last 6 months or so, here and there, as the visual effects editor and title sequence designer (and DVD menu author and end credits designer, for the record.) It was edited by my friend Katie and directed by Kate Chaplin. Ingénue… Continue reading Ingenue Premiere and other film updates

The Tree of Life

I saw Tree of Life this weekend. I’ve never really been a die-hard fan of Terrence Malick’s work particularly, but the beauty of the trailer paired with the buzz (both positive and negative) at Cannes intrigued me greatly. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a movie like this before. I had absolutely no idea what… Continue reading The Tree of Life


I thought about writing a review for Inception, but I’m not really sure I can write anything cohesive or anything that hasn’t been said already. Here is what I DO know: Christopher Nolan is my favorite director. When I saw Memento in 2000 as a little naive 13 year old who scarcely had scratched the… Continue reading Inception

A Single Man

I wrote this and then re-read it and I realize it’s somewhat disjointed. I blame that on the fact this movie completely scrambled my brain apart. I went to see A Single Man on Friday night at our local indie theater, the only place it’s playing in the city. This movie really wasn’t on my… Continue reading A Single Man