Ingenue Premiere and other film updates

As I’ve previously mentioned, I’ve been working on the indie feature Ingénue for the last 6 months or so, here and there, as the visual effects editor and title sequence designer (and DVD menu author and end credits designer, for the record.) It was edited by my friend Katie and directed by Kate Chaplin. Ingénue […]

Favorite Films of 2010

End of the year means list time! Everybody loves lists. It seems like there weren’t that many films I went to see this year. Inception Toy Story 3 Scott Pilgrim vs. The World A Single Man The Social Network Films I plan on seeing soon: Black Swan The King’s Speech Winter’s Bone 127 Hours True […]

top 12 films of the 00’s

the 00’s are almost over now that it’s december, and i keep seeing top ten lists. i want in on it. so here are my top TWELVE movies of the decade. because i’m cool and i get an extra couple. this is my personal top twelve and i picked them based partially on how influential […]