Professional Resolutions

I follow @editblog on twitter and saw he made a list of professional resolutions for 2010. Although I think New Year’s resolutions are dumb, it somewhat inspired me to come up with a list of things to work on professionally in the coming year. Who cares if it happens to be at the same time everyone else is doing the same thing.

1. Dig deeper into After Effects. I’ve spent the last few months really getting to know AE better than I ever did in college, and I need to immerse myself further. I think knowing motion graphics gives me an edge on jobs whenever I might need it. But most of all, it eases my anxiety to know that when someone comes to me with a request, I won’t have to be up all night trying to figure out if it’s even possible. I really need to dig more into the Z axis, cameras, and lights.

2. Kind of learn Motion. It’s there and waiting, I need to learn it better. Not necessarily like AE, but better.

3. Actually watch all the behind the scenes stuff on my DVDs. I buy DVDs for their behind the scenes making of type content. And then I forget. This stuff seriously inspires me, and I always need inspiration.

4. Take time to refocus on my craft. I realized at Postapalooza that I need to take a step back every once in a while and learn from masters, chill out, and read about why digital non-linear editing is the greatest thing in the whole world. I’m still finishing Behind the Seen, I’ve got several books and some DVDs lined up next, and I need to take some time every couple of months to remind myself why I should bother.

5. Do a few personal projects. Something new, just for fun.