Things I didn’t learn in school – DVD authoring best practices, an unfortunately still necessary evil

Another installment in my tirade about useful information that is vital in creating good work for clients that wasn’t even a thought while I was in college. We learned the basics of DVD Studio Pro and how to author a DVD with menus (also in Encore, meh), but there is a lot more to DVD […]

Flow, work, flow.

I’ve been working on a project with a quick turnaround time for the last week. It was shot last Wednesday and Thursday, and will be presented next Tuesday. It’s essentially a training video with a 20 minute runtime. It’s very straightforward, but it’s still got challenges. It’s probably 97% chroma key footage mixed with a […]

Apple Pro Certifications

Since I completed some Apple Pro Certifications last spring, I’ve had several people inquiring about the certifications and my experience with them. When I was trying to decide if it was something I wanted to do, I couldn’t find a whole lot of good first hand information on the Internet. In general, I found a […]