Things I Didn’t Learn in School: 11 Things that make you edit more efficiently

11 Things that make you edit more efficiently (and therefore more professionally) that most new users don’t know (because it isn’t that intuitive and they don’t read the manual.) Here’s another installment in my on-going blog series about Things I Didn’t Learn in School, which is basically a series where I half-complain about the lack […]

Job-chaining in Compressor

At my job, I commonly have to encode files for the web. Recently, I’ve added a new deliverable specification to each project I finish: three versions of the file for a streaming video library that will dynamically choose which version to play based upon the viewer’s internet connection. I commonly edit on a ProRes 422 […]

Apple Pro Certifications

Since I completed some Apple Pro Certifications last spring, I’ve had several people inquiring about the certifications and my experience with them. When I was trying to decide if it was something I wanted to do, I couldn’t find a whole lot of good first hand information on the Internet. In general, I found a […]