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The Best Compressor Feature You Don’t Use

The greatest thing I’ve ever stumbled across: job-chaining in Compressor. It’s perhaps the least known about yet useful thing in any Pro App. I’ve posted twice about job-chaining on my blog, but after some confirmations at NAB, I wanted to … Continue reading

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How To: Job Chaining in Compressor

There are aspects of Compressor I don’t take full advantage of, and until recently one of them was job-chaining. Job-chaining is probably something that isn’t used a whole lot but becomes extremely handy in certain workflows. I’m sure there are … Continue reading

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A question about Compressor and codecs..

So, a while back I discovered job-chaining in Compressor and it seriously enhanced my workday. I’ve been thinking more about this and I’m trying to understand it. When I produce a video, I need a high resolution master to archive, … Continue reading

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Flow, work, flow.

I’ve been working on a project with a quick turnaround time for the last week. It was shot last Wednesday and Thursday, and will be presented next Tuesday. It’s essentially a training video with a 20 minute runtime. It’s very … Continue reading

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Job-chaining in Compressor

At my job, I commonly have to encode files for the web. Recently, I’ve added a new deliverable specification to each project I finish: three versions of the file for a streaming video library that will dynamically choose which version … Continue reading

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Stuff I Didn’t Learn in School #1 – Exporting – The easiest and best way to export a FCP timeline

For an explanation of this blog series, check out the post where I explain the blog series. That would be best. I feel like I should make the number in this post #5 or #98 so it looks like a … Continue reading

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