Things I didn’t learn in school – DVD authoring best practices, an unfortunately still necessary evil

Another installment in my tirade about useful information that is vital in creating good work for clients that wasn’t even a thought while I was in college. We learned the basics of DVD Studio Pro and how to author a DVD with menus (also in Encore, meh), but there is a lot more to DVD […]

Things I Didn’t Learn in School: 11 Things that make you edit more efficiently

11 Things that make you edit more efficiently (and therefore more professionally) that most new users don’t know (because it isn’t that intuitive and they don’t read the manual.) Here’s another installment in my on-going blog series about Things I Didn’t Learn in School, which is basically a series where I half-complain about the lack […]

Things I Didn’t Learn in School Pt 2: Why Does My Greenscreen Look Like #&$%??

My attempt at a regular blog series hasn’t doesn’t much for keeping me blogging regularly, has it? I really suck. Admittedly, I started to write about aspect ratio a couple of weeks ago. I felt I had a firm handle on it and could easily explain the basics in a blog. Then I opened up […]

The Future of Video!

A couple of weeks ago, I was asked to come to IUPUI and be on an alumni panel for a freshmen class in the program I graduated from in 2009. Well, the panel turned into a solitary speaking event, so I got to talk about real life in video and new media for a while. […]

Stuff I Didn’t Learn in School #1 – Exporting – The easiest and best way to export a FCP timeline

For an explanation of this blog series, check out the post where I explain the blog series. That would be best. I feel like I should make the number in this post #5 or #98 so it looks like a long-standing series with a huge amount of credibility. But then I thought about that old […]