Power Dynamics Below the Line in Hollywood (and everywhere else)

If you’re anywhere near Hollywood this week, you’ve got a hot take on Harvey Weinstein. I’ve only been here a few years, exclusively “below the line”, and I heard all the rumors too. I dreaded ever having even secondhand contact with the man and his company: a powerful star maker with the ability to squash any […]

Editing for Social Impact: How I Saved the San Gabriel Mountains

(You can also read and comment on this at CreativeCOW.net) (Okay, maybe the headline is a LITTLE strong, but I HELPED.) In the world of corporate video, the opportunity to make a positive impact on the world didn’t come around often for me. I know that’s not true for many people in the “corporate video” […]

Unbroken: William Goldenberg & Tim Squyres on Editing Angelina Jolie’s War Drama

I interviewed William Goldenberg and Tim Squyres about editing Unbroken. “I don’t think anybody can edit a film to be the best it can be by themselves,” editor Tim Squyres, ACE, told me when I asked him about his first time as co-editor. “You need to push each other and try other things and react […]

Remixing Cinema with Soderbergh, Spielberg, and Me

Today, one of my favorite directors, Steven Soderbergh, posted a really great blog about “staging” in film, which is meant to mean how all the elements of a scene work together to tell a visual story. To illustrate his point, he took ‘Raiders of the Lost Ark’ and remixed it a little: converted to black […]

My Leap into Cutting for Broadcast

Seeing a stack of tapes labeled and ready to gather dust on a shelf is a feeling of accomplishment I’ve never had before last week. Not because I’ve never really had physical copies of any of my work (though outside of a DVD or two, that’s definitely true), but because this was my first time […]

What I’ve Been Working On…

This is an entirely self-serving post with no actual interesting information to share. Since June I’ve been cutting season three of This American Land. It’s begun airing on many PBS stations across the country and will continue to get added to the lineup over the year. I’ve been the main editor on the show, always […]