One last breath before the 48 Hour Film Project

Well, we’ve done everything we can possibly think to do in order to prepare ourselves for this competition. We’re going into this as rookies to the project so we can expect some bumps and unpredictable things to occur. I really don’t want to be rushing to the finish, swerving in and out of traffic, running in the doors and throwing the DVD to the judges in slowmo, overdramatic fashion.

In spite of the preparation, I can’t help but be really anxious about this project. I’m a planner, and the fact we’re going into a production weekend without even a script is KILLING me. I just want to get started right now and get it over with. I know we’ll have a lot of fun and learn a lot about ourselves this weekend, and in between all that excitement is a tiny sense of impending doom.

Here’s a little more philosophical buddha existentialism than I’m used to posting on this blog. I go to yoga regularly, and I have 5 classes I have to use by next Wednesday or they expire, so I’ve been to 2 classes this week already. I didn’t plan my class usage very well. I’m sitting waiting for class to start right now, slightly dreading ANOTHER class this week. I love yoga, and it feels great especially after class, but sometimes during the class, usually in Warrior II pose, my feet cramp and I’m thinking “AUGH why didn’t I go home and nap??” I would love to skip class and eat my raspberry ice cream sitting at home.

However, I’m glad I forced the yoga this week because of the anxiety this competition is causing me. In a yoga practice, you usually set an intention, whether it’s mental or physical or whatever. Tonight’s intention: let go of the anxiety from all the unknown factors and rely on myself and my teammates because we have the talent to pull out something totally wicked. And if we don’t, at least we tried.

But please, don’t let us draw “musical” as our genre. 

If you want to track our progress during the event, follow me on Twitter. Like I said, I’ll also be posting here immediately after the event with our finished film and a recount of the weekend. 

(I also have class on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday next week if anyone wants to join me. Monday is a basics class, one is open level, one is open level heated.)