48 Hour Film Project 2011!

Well, it’s the calm before the storm again. The 48 Hour Film Project kicks off next Friday in Indianapolis. In about 6 days, 21 hours and 10 minutes, I’ll be in a very crowded Indianapolis Museum of Contemporary Art, surrounded by rapid local filmmakers, drawing a piece of paper from a fish bowl that will […]

18 Tips for a Successful 48 Hour Film Project

Last week, I got an email letting me know that the 2011 48 Hour Film Project tour was kicking off this month. Is it really that time already? I still haven’t recovered from last time. We’re signed up to officially participate this year. Indy’s dates are the last weekend in July again. I was thinking […]


I (somehow) edited Cooper O’Brien down from its 5 minute runtime to 3 minutes to submit to a short short film festival in South Bend called 3fest. I wasn’t sure I’d be able to trim nearly 2 minutes from it without compromising the story (as it was already extremely compact as it was), but it […]

Informatics Magazine

Our 48 hour film project participation and win was apparently published in the fall edition of Informatics, our alma mater’s bi-yearly magazine. Too bad they didn’t publish the picture I emailed them too. Ah well. This magazine is mailed to students and alumni of Informatics, and will be sitting in the various school lobbies throughout […]