48 Hour Film Project 2011!

Well, it’s the calm before the storm again. The 48 Hour Film Project kicks off next Friday in Indianapolis. In about 6 days, 21 hours and 10 minutes, I’ll be in a very crowded Indianapolis Museum of Contemporary Art, surrounded by rapid local filmmakers, drawing a piece of paper from a fish bowl that will… Continue reading 48 Hour Film Project 2011!

Leah not Leia premiere and another Moustache screening..

A short film I served as a production assistant on last summer, “Leah not Leia”, will be premiering at the Hamilton 16 IMAX on Friday July 1st! The festivities start just before midnight on Friday evening, starting with some short films and trailers from other local filmmakers, including one I co-edited and production managed for… Continue reading Leah not Leia premiere and another Moustache screening..


I (somehow) edited Cooper O’Brien down from its 5 minute runtime to 3 minutes to submit to a short short film festival in South Bend called 3fest. I wasn’t sure I’d be able to trim nearly 2 minutes from it without compromising the story (as it was already extremely compact as it was), but it… Continue reading 3fest

Informatics Magazine

Our 48 hour film project participation and win was apparently published in the fall edition of Informatics, our alma mater’s bi-yearly magazine. Too bad they didn’t publish the picture I emailed them too. Ah well. This magazine is mailed to students and alumni of Informatics, and will be sitting in the various school lobbies throughout… Continue reading Informatics Magazine