48 hour film project update! Can you help us?

Our team, Pants Cannon Media, is getting really excited for the 48HFP. It’s next weekend, and things are really coming together for us. I feel like our team is going into this 48 hours with a good solid plan (as best we can), a ton of talent, and a lot of luck. As of today, we have:

  • Update: lunch will be catered by my mom and her friend, Debbie Riffe
  • Generated some buzz on the IUPUI Informatics website
  • Secured the location of our shoot and the release form is on the way to me
  • Confirmed one actor and actress for sure, 2 more guys are likely maybes
  • Confirmed the assistance of a very talented past professor in the music composition and sound mixing department
  • Lots of equipment, more than I ever thought I could pull together between a few poor students (3 cameras, lights, recorder, mic, tripods, dollies…all kinds of stuff!) 
  • Donation of labor of hair stylists, make-up artists, and a local costume shop if necessary

Things are falling into place, and we’ve nearly done everything possible to make this the least scary 48 hour film project we can. We’re all good at this stuff, and we have a realistic idea of what to expect out of ourselves in 2 days, so I think if nothing else, we’re going to forge some new relationships, get some great experienced, and create something for which we can be really proud.

That being said, we’re getting to the stage of planning and purchasing necessities for our cast and crew to get through the shoot. This includes bottled water, ice, and snacks like granola bars and fruit. We’re looking to you, great friends, family, and anonymous strangers on the internet who admire us from afar, for any donations you are willing to give us. This would also be used for any other production costs, such as props, last minute fixes, and caffeinated beverages.

If you might be willing to donate to us, you can either give items directly to us this week if you’re around, or use the Paypal button below (the one that Aaron is about to eat because he is so hungry) and give a cash donation. Rest assured, it WILL be used for production. Also, in exchange for donations, we will give you an Associate Producer credit for supporting us financially in various ways. AND we’ll give you a copy of the finished film on DVD so you can behold it as your first produced film. And of course, everyone is invited to purchase tickets to the screening of all 48HFP films on August 7th at the Indianapolis Museum of Art. We’ll make sure to let you know at which of the 3 screenings our film will be shown. Tickets are $10 and can be purchased on the IMA website.

To make a monetary donation, just click on the comically oversized button below. Thanks in advance for your support.

48 Hour Filmmaker: Indianapolis 2010