Geek Independent Film Festival Screening

“Cooper O’Brien and the Magical Moustache” was selected to showcase at the Geek Independent Film Festival in Alexandria, IN today. I’m so surprised it was shown on a big screen yet again. This makes the 6th public screening of the short film since its creation in 2010. I was unfortunately not able to make this […]

Three Fest!

Our film was accepted into a small short film festival in South Bend called Three Fest. It’s a three minute festival, so like I said previously, I had to cut our film down a little from the 5 minute runtime. The festival takes place next Saturday, February 5th. Hopefully we get some good news. On […]


I (somehow) edited Cooper O’Brien down from its 5 minute runtime to 3 minutes to submit to a short short film festival in South Bend called 3fest. I wasn’t sure I’d be able to trim nearly 2 minutes from it without compromising the story (as it was already extremely compact as it was), but it […]