Frog Baby Film Festival

A film I edited and audio mixed in December and February was selected for the Frog Baby Film Festival at Ball State University. It was directed by Tyler Engle, and it’s a film noir about a doctor at the end of his rope. You can see it at the university on March 30th at 7PM.

Three Fest!

Our film was accepted into a small short film festival in South Bend called Three Fest. It’s a three minute festival, so like I said previously, I had to cut our film down a little from the 5 minute runtime. The festival takes place next Saturday, February 5th. Hopefully we get some good news. On… Continue reading Three Fest!


I (somehow) edited Cooper O’Brien down from its 5 minute runtime to 3 minutes to submit to a short short film festival in South Bend called 3fest. I wasn’t sure I’d be able to trim nearly 2 minutes from it without compromising the story (as it was already extremely compact as it was), but it… Continue reading 3fest