It takes an army…

I’m going to be submitting our 48 hour film short to another short film fest called 3fest (trying to ride this one film we made out as long as possible obviously). The problem was it was about 5 minutes long and obviously 3fest has a maximum runtime of 3 minutes, so I needed to trim 2 minutes from the film. The trim 2 minutes from a film that was already so completely compacted was a challenge, but I got it. However, I have about 4 seconds left at the end for credits, so I started looking at the credits to our film to see how I could optimize them a little to make them show up faster.

And it occurred to me: it takes a damn lot of people to make a film.

I’ve always known this fact. Just by sitting through the end credits of a feature film, you can see a lot of people get involved in a film.

But sometimes it really hits you that filmmaking is a huge team effort. Sure it’s possible to make a film with one dude and a camera, but generally in conventional productions there’s a crew. We have a lot of people in the credits for a simple 5 minute short film.

Production manager, director, DP, editors, actors, extras, catering, photography, music, sound, assistance…our 48 hour film project crew was over 20 people. If you think about it, that’s quite a few people for such a short, simple film.

Anyway, I’m not sure how I’m going to fit all these people in 4 seconds of credits, but I definitely will keep them all in.

Update: 3fest said we can go over a little with credits, so yipee.