I’m amusing – someone on Twitter said so!

I was included in the @splice_vine tweet top 13 for January, the funniest post-production tweets from December.

My winning nugget of amazement came from December’s #postchat about personal failures in post, of course. Why would it be in anything else?

@kyl33t Realized halfway thru compression process, had to cancel and start over, compressed in car on the way to drop off. #barf #postchat

There is a tweet before that which explains the first half of it. Basically during the 48 hour film project in 2011 we were finishing the audio track which was given to us WAY LATE in the game and I slapped it in, tweaked it up, and exported a reference to send to Compressor. What I forgot? I forgot to delete the rough/scratch audio or disable it (I had brought parts back in to supplement things missed in the mix, but forgot to disable the parts I didn’t need.) I realized it halfway through the compression, canceled, restarted, and let it export in the back of a car while driving to the drop off.

Not my greatest moment, but we still turned it in with plenty of time so there.