He Who Watches Premieres and Screenings

There’s been a lot happening in the last week with this, so I’m just going to summarize it all right here.

I recently found out that our horror film He Who Watches will get its world premiere at the Days of the Dead horror convention in Atlanta, GA in March. The entirety of The Collective V3 will be premiering here, and will also be screened at the con’s other two locations (Indianapolis and Chicago) throughout 2012. This is in addition to the premiere screening at HorrorHound Weekend in March. Crazy, two months ago we didn’t even know about The Collective, and now we’ve already got screenings lined up in four states.

Here’s a press release on the Days of the Dead premiere and screenings.

Kate (of Karmic Courage) has lined up a local screening in Indianapolis and graciously included our film in the lineup.

We’re happy to finally announce that He Who Watches will have a one night only limited premiere in Indianapolis on February 17th, 2012, 7pm-11pm!

The screening will take place at the Irving Theater, a haunted ex-XXX movie house in the Irvington neighborhood in Indianapolis.

Doors will open at 7PM
7:30-8 – Jam Session by Joe Reeves (composer on Love Dance)
8-9:30 – Screening of He Who Watches, Home Security, Love Dance, Ready to Settle, and Fertility 2.0 (and a few other shorts)
9:45-11ish – Performance by The Lowdown (composer on Love Dance)

Tickets are $7 and will be available at the door, cash only I’m assuming. Bring some additional cash if you want to buy any merch or DVDs of the films, or food and beverages. There will definitely be DVDs from Karmic Courage Productions shorts and the previous versions of The Collective available, food and/or adult beverages are being worked on.

RSVP to the Facebook event if you’d like.

Featured Films:

Love Dance is a sexy comedy about a couple who are trying to spice up their love life, and get a little more than they bargained for. Directed by Kate Chaplin (edited by me and Katie Toomey).
Home Security is the creepy tale of a crooked security salesman looking to make a big score. It was originally made for The Collective V3. Directed by Kate Chaplin. (I script supervised!)
He Who Watches is a psychological horror about a dying woman who hangs on the edge of life and death as she’s haunted by her past — and a mysterious entity. Directed/Edited by me and Katie.
Ready to Settle – Tired of the dating scene, a young lawyer tries to decide if it’s time for her to settle. Originally made from the 48 Hour Film Project. Directed by Valerie Pierce.
Leah Not Leia – A dark comedy about a baby girl born during the Star Wars boom in 1977 who shares a similar name to a certain Jedi princess who wasn’t allowed to wear underwear. Directed by Tom Johnson and Nate Savidge. (I PA’d!)
Fertility 2.0 – A young couple falls prey to a socially engineered Internet scam. Originally made for The Collective V2. Directed by David Ross.

Here’s a press release for the local screening.

Lots going on with this film, which is crazy considering we basically finished it in less than a month.

Local Screening at The Irving, Indianapolis – February 17
World Premiere: Day of the Dead Convention – Atlanta, GA – March
HorrorHound Weekend – Columbus, IN – March 24
Day of the Dead Convention – Indianapolis, IN – July
Day of the Dead Convention – Chicago, IL – ?