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18 Tips for a Successful 48 Hour Film Project

Last week, I got an email letting me know that the 2011 48 Hour Film Project tour was kicking off this month. Is it really that time already? I still haven’t recovered from last time. We’re signed up to officially … Continue reading

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Demo reels for editors have always confounded me. If you go to a forum and ask for advice, you’ll get 10 responses and they’ll all be contradictory. What the eff, man? Don’t do a montage! Do a montage! Don’t show … Continue reading

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Yoga for Video Editors

As I’ve mentioned randomly before, I regularly practice yoga and have semi-frequently to frequently practiced for 4 years. I’ve seen a lot of benefits, both mental and physical, come from this regular practice. For example, throughout my senior year of … Continue reading

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Video Contest Entry

Less than a week ago, we got clued into a video contest in our area with a deadline of today. It seemed that there wasn’t much notice for the contest, nor much interest as the deadline was extended originally. The … Continue reading

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Last Tuesday was about the most exciting Tuesday night I’ve ever had as an adult (I don’t get out much). Watching the FCPUG Supermeet live (via Twitter) and seeing Final Cut Pro X unfold was a pretty interesting experience. I … Continue reading

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