Video Contest Entry

Less than a week ago, we got clued into a video contest in our area with a deadline of today. It seemed that there wasn’t much notice for the contest, nor much interest as the deadline was extended originally. The contest was a video about texting and driving for our local government, so we quickly came up with an idea and grabbed up a friend to star. We shot it yesterday in about 3 hours on my Canon T2i.

Yesterday was a rainy, cold, miserable day – the worst way to shoot a video, I think. But we got through it on time. We shot the driving scenes on public roads, and interior shots were done in an empty parking lot with 2 people watching out for safety.

We also attracted the attention of a police officer. We always seem to do so.

We edited it quickly at a coffee shop (quick grade with MB Looks) and submitted it.

This week voting will start, and hopefully we’ll win because I’d like to invest the winnings in a new mic for the DSLR!

It’s always fun to get out with friends and shoot something for fun. It doesn’t have the planning and refinement I’d hope for in a real professional production, but for throwing it together with a quick afternoon shoot, it’s pretty decent.