Editfest LA 2014

Last week, I traveled to LA for the first time ever and spent a long weekend that centered around ACE’s Editfest, which was held on the Disney lot this year. It was fun and educational and heartwarming and I’m going to write something meaningful about it soon, but mostly I just wanted to recommend Editfest […]

Musings on Assaulting Overweight Women – My First Feature (The Impersonators)

This is an on-going post-production diary I’m keeping while I cut my first feature film, The Impersonators, an indie comedy. To my delight, this year has been filled with many opportunities to get advice and tips on editing from some of the top editors in the world. Between NAB, Editfest, and the weekly Twitter chat […]

Films That Inspire: EditfestNY 2012 Ponderings

This June, I was fortunate enough to be able to attend Editfest NY. It was my first time visiting New York City (spoiler alert: holy freaking crap it’s everything I ever wanted), and I even won a free ticket from the generous Manhattan Edit Workshop through #postchat. It was a fantastic weekend filled with NAB-reunions […]