First time at NAB – suggestions?

In April, I’ll be attending my first NAB show and Post Production World conference. I’m really excited for the opportunity to go learn from the very best in the industry, and thankful I could talk my employer into sending me there. I’m staying at the Riviera, so I’ll probably be walking or shuttling to the conference.

I’m putting this out there in hopes I can get some advice from people about making the most of NAB and Post Production World. If you have any advice about must-see workshops or after-hours events, please comment or tweet me so I can check it out and see how it works into my itinerary. My hope is to meet a lot of cool people, learn a lot of new things, and come back to my job with a freshness to make really engaging and unique content (that generates revenue, of course).

I think a big part of me resetting my editor brain will be the aspect of being in an environment of professionals and seeing what they’re doing, and figuring out how I can apply that to my own work. I already got a ticket to the Supermeet (really excited to attend an LAFCPUG, or CPUG, event after living vicariously through others on a monthly basis for years).  I also registered for the Media Motion Ball. And I put the #postchat meetup on my calendar as well. Between the hours of PPW training by day, industry events by night, and well, Las Vegas, I’m going to be absolutely exhausted. It’ll be awesome.

So, anything else? And who are among the best speakers? My PPW pass doesn’t get me into the creative masters sessions, does it? And is there anything else about how NAB affects Vegas that I should know about? I’ve visited twice – once for my honeymoon and once for another smaller conference – so I’m familiar with the city. I’ll also be in Vegas for a few days following the PPW conference, so if there’s anything else that goes on after, I’d be interested to hear about it as well.

And I’ll probably be tweeting and blogging the hell out of this week. Be warned.