Reviews are coming in…

As I expected, they’re not over-the-top raving reviews. With this being a horror collective, the people that are keen enough to review such things want true horror. From the reviews so far, it seems that the other ladies that produced for this collective went down the same path as we did, choosing to be a little more reserved and psychological than overly horror-ish. I think that makes for better filmmaking, but I can respect someone just wanting some meathead horror silliness.

Anyway, the reviews haven’t been bad either (so far, ha!). Here are a couple highlights (for posterity):

From Bloodtype Online: “Out of all of the shorts included here, I have to say that I was extremely impressed with “He Who Watches” especially because of what it conveys with the time given.  It honestly manages to tell a story with a beginning, middle, and an end.  Now this is a bit unconventional for a short film (at least in the traditional sense) but Kylee Wall did a great job with the way she wrote this one.  It’s all about Laura, who has recently been diagnosed with an incurable disease.  As this occurs, she seemingly has issues with several events in her past as well as a unknown figure.  Of course this one isn’t perfect, but it manages to be an effective little thriller. ”

From the wickedchannel: “Fresh perspective”, “really shines” and “Talk about a short that has a lot of hype. A lot of people have been bragging to me about this one.” — This is my favorite so far. I’ve never had hype, let alone not lived up to hype. Amazing! 7.5/10 said He Who Watches “hooked him.” 7.5/10