#postchat baking exchange

On Twitter, I participate in a weekly chat called #postchat in which whoever wants to drop in (by tweeting with the haghtag #postchat) can participate in the given hour long topic discussion. It’s always a fun hour of talking about different aspects of film and editing. In September, one of the post chatters came up with the idea to form a baking exchange. So many of us love to bake frequently and share recipes, so it seemed like a natural progression. Since there were 6 of us altogether, we decided to each ship out five packages over the course of several weeks. Starting in October, I assigned everyone a week (skipping some here and there).

The results were amazeballs, literally.

Every participant not only shipped out their packages, but they went beyond just simply shipping baked goods. Family recipes, stickers, hand written notes, tea, toys — everyone not only took the time to craft some really delicious cookies or muffins, but they shipped packages with love!

We formed a blog to track recipes and posted pictures of the packages we received. It was really fun to see packages showing up at everyone’s houses and workplaces, and seeing everyone enjoying them. Packages were sent to or from Indianapolis, New York City, Minnesota, North Carolina, upstate New York, and Detroit. I think the furthest traveling package was sent from Minnesota to me (in Indianapolis) because I then took it with me to a conference in Las Vegas where it kept me nourished throughout sessions.

It was fun to connect with editors across the country in a whole new way, and it never would have happened without Twitter and #postchat. I wanted to share to show how fun and unexpected social media can become.