Goals for 2012

Now that I’ve looked back on 2011’s goals and how I did, I think I can more accurately craft a list of goals for this year.

  • One thing I’ve come to be reminded of (thanks in part to my resolution to shoot more) is that I don’t really care to be behind the camera. I enjoyed script supervising a lot on Kate’s film because it felt very close to being in post. I really like working on sets like that, but I don’t like playing a big role or being in charge. With that said, I’m sure it’ll still happen — not everyone is running to me with films to edit, so I need to make some to shoot. But this year, I would like to focus most of all on post production, and seek out more editing work, especially on narratives and documentaries. I would like to edit at least two films I didn’t shoot, but I’ll take what I can get.
  • Shoot even more stills. I think I have some compositional talent, and while I don’t care to shoot moving images very much, I do enjoy crafting a whole story with one single frame. I would like to explore this area more, as it satisfies the need I have to get out of the edit cave and into the real world. I pushed this to the side in favor of editing work obviously earlier this year, but I want to try to meet some pros and shoot alongside them.
  • Be more participatory in local film – editing, going to meetings, talking online, going to screenings.
  • Become comfortable with Avid the same with I am with Final Cut Pro. That means future personal projects will be edited in Avid. Work will remain FCP.
  • And this that, seek out a professional or two in the community on Avid that I can visit occasionally, observe, and learn from.
  • I would also like to explore putting together a production that I wrote and having other people I trust interpret and shoot it, then editing it from there. This kind of goes back to the first one, but it is different and less important.
  • Do a short – whether serious or for fun – with heavy VFX. I need to test the limits of my After Effects knowledge.
  • Move my website to WordPress and update my reel, of course.
  • Write more helpful blogs and try to become a very positive online force in post-production, especially for young people.
  • Continue to maintain a healthy, positive attitude towards post production and everyone involved and keep cynicism to the wayside.

So it really comes down to focusing on post production, seeking out films to edit on Avid that I didn’t make, and making a name for myself that is positive. It seems as I get deeper into post, my goals become less concrete lists of accomplishments (like produce this many films, learn this list of software), but they don’t lose their specificity. I guess priorities change a little here and there.