48 Hour Film Project, here we go!

I registered a team for the 48 hour film project in Indianapolis. If you don’t know what that is, go to their website and check it out. It’s a film racing competition. I’ve always wanted to participate, but the timing was never right until. I’ve formed a team with 4 ex-classmates that all graduated with me or shortly after. We have more equipment than I thought we could ever come up with, we work well together, and we’re good at what we do, so I think we have a good chance at winning some awards. Regardless, it’ll be a lot of fun to rekindle that feeling of “OMG HURRY” we all felt when we were in college together, and great to see our film screened on the big screen in a movie theater in front of a sold out audience! Our team name is Pants Cannon Media. The YouTube has a lot of old stuff

We’re trying to get permission to shoot on campus since there is a good variety to the different areas and we can make it look like totally different locations without the travel. Otherwise, we’re just wrangling some talent and waiting for July 30th to roll around so we can get going.

I really hope we don’t draw musical as our genre.

I’ll do a post-mortem after that weekend is over. I’m sure there will be plenty to talk about. In the meantime, here are the bios I sent along with our entry:

Director of Photography – “Jeremiah Nickerson is a recent graduate of Indiana University School of Informatics.  Working as a freelance videographer and sound designer in Indianapolis, his background in traditional arts has helped lay the foundation as an artist in the digital realm.  His work is often emotionally driven, casting light on personal and social issues that affect us all.”

Assistant Director/Grip – “Joshua Kent Fike earned a degree from Indiana University in Media Arts & Science while focusing on audio and video production. Establishing himself in the industry keeps him busy with freelance work, interning at Boost Media Entertainment, and initiating his own video production business. He has always been attracted to the power of music and images and is continuously inspired by artists around the world and strives to inspire others by adding his own flavor into the life and energy of storytelling.”

Editor/Production Manager – “Kylee Wall graduated from Indiana University in 2009 with a degree in Media Arts and Science with a focus on video production. After having spent time interning for local companies such as Pathway Productions and NUVO Newsweekly, she now works as a Multimedia Producer for Tangent Point Media. She has been passionate about video post-production since she was young, and continues to take on freelance work and volunteer in the local independent film scene as much as possible.”

Director – Aaron Whiteford recently completed his degree at Indiana University in Media Arts and Science (video production). Passionate about great storytelling and great pictures, he works as an independent videographer. His diverse background lends itself to bringing each vision to life in a new way, and continues to explore new opportunities in narrative filmmaking.”

Editor/Post-production Supervisor – “Katie Toomey recently earned a degree in Media Arts and Science from Indiana University, focusing on video production. Working as an independent videographer and editor, she has interned at NUVO Newsweekly and worked to build a reputation as a local freelancer. She is passionate about narrative filmmaking, volunteering with local independent filmmakers on recent projects. Her passions lie in post-production, where she strives to bring energy into each story she cuts.”