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Another Engagement Photo Shoot

My last photo shoot session was in May with Kayla and Craig, who are getting married next April. Last week’s shoot with Liz and Travis was somewhat unique in that they are already married. They went from engaged to married … Continue reading

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48 Hour Film Recap – 2011

Just reading a 48 hour film project recap from a Twitter follower in another city, I realized I never posted about ours. I guess I was too wiped out from the weekend. Yeesh. Here’s a brief summary of ours. It … Continue reading

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A question about Compressor and codecs..

So, a while back I discovered job-chaining in Compressor and it seriously enhanced my workday. I’ve been thinking more about this and I’m trying to understand it. When I produce a video, I need a high resolution master to archive, … Continue reading

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Things I didn’t learn in school – DVD authoring best practices, an unfortunately still necessary evil

Another installment in my tirade about useful information that is vital in creating good work for clients that wasn’t even a thought while I was in college. We learned the basics of DVD Studio Pro and how to author a … Continue reading

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