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User-generated content and news

2009 has been the year of user-generated news. Twitter has finally caught on (after 3 years of using it and waiting for others to pick it up, I’m happy to see this). If I’m being totally honest, the last few … Continue reading

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Avatar…well…this changes everything.

I got a chance to see James Cameron’s Avatar on Friday night in 3D. It was absolutely amazing. After letting it settle for a couple of days and reading other reactions, I have a few thoughts. The technology used in … Continue reading

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Shooting video with DSLRs

Something I’ve recently been enlightened to is shooting HD video on DSLR cameras. I had no idea people did this professional. I always thought that since video was an afterthought added to these cameras, that it would be crappy and … Continue reading

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top 12 films of the 00’s

the 00’s are almost over now that it’s december, and i keep seeing top ten lists. i want in on it. so here are my top TWELVE movies of the decade. because i’m cool and i get an extra couple. … Continue reading

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