Watch: #BCPCWest Panel on Ageism

Our final panel of Blue Collar Post Collective’s 2016 summer series was about ageism in post production — what does it mean to be “too young” and “too old”, and how can we fight those assumptions?

Getting relevant and staying relevant in the industry is difficult on both ends of the spectrum. Young people find it difficult to break through the catch 22 of needing experience to get jobs that require experience. Established veterans in the field find their skills questioned — how can you teach an old dog new tricks?

The panel was held in Hollywood and featured Meaghan Wilbur, an Emmy-nominated editor for CONAN; Harlan Doolittle, assistant editor/data IO engineer at Encore; and Eolyne Arnold, award-winning sound designer and foley artist. It was moderated by Norman Hollyn ACE, Professor of Cinematic Arts at USC and film editor

Watch here: