A Discussion on Mental Health in Post Production

On August 13th, the Blue Collar Post Collective conducted a town hall style panel discussion in Hollywood on the state of mental health in post production. The panel was live streamed on YouTube, and the archive is available to watch.

Mental health is a very important topic, but we don’t focus on this discussion much within post production. We’re in an overworked industry that doesn’t prioritize self-care. Creative people are by nature more likely to suffer from mental illnesses (and commit suicide at a higher rate than most people) so it’s important that we keep ourselves in check and watch out for one another. During the panel, people working in the field (and a licensed therapist) addressed these topics, and more.

Panelists included assistant editor Natalie Boschan (Empire, Shooter), online editor/assist Chris Visser, dailies colorist/assistant editor Kira Prince (Jane the Virgin, Allegiant), and licensed marriage and family therapist Shayne Vitemb. The panel was moderated by finishing editor/post engineer Matt Christensen (Blue Giant).

The panel was also live tweeted with the hashtag #BCPCWest, so you can catch the highlights on Storify.

Watch below, or on YouTube.