AFI Women in Directing!

Nifty news this week — I was accepted into AFI’s Women in Directing workshop at the Athena Film Festival in New York next month. The workshop offered up to 24 slots for female applicants, so it’ll be a unique experience for sure.

Even though I’m primarily an editor, I feel that understanding the world of directing is vital. Editors and directors work so closely together that it can be impossible to separate. I’m personally looking forward to learning more about directing, producing, leadership, and storytelling, and seeing how I can apply that to my preditor day job and narrative editor nights. And to my own little side projects in which I’m fully at the helm.

The workshop it on February 8th at Barnard College, so I’ll be in the NYC area on the 7th and 8th. If anyone happens to read my blog and will be in attendance (either to the closed workshop or the film festival), let me know because I’d love to meet up there.