Keeping Up with Editing News

I occasionally talk with younger editors about getting connected with the industry (most recently participating in another alumni panel at IUPUI) and one concern they always seem to have is how to start learning about all this stuff they need to know about. All the tech changes, information from editors, and general industry news. I always send them to a few different sites, but they seem a little hesitant from the huge amount of information available, and the idea of spending additional time online away from Facebook apparently.

But this isn’t just relevant to newcomers; in fact, anyone that struggles to keep up with editing news will want to know about this. Art of the Guillotine has a new email service that solves these issues and makes it really stupidly easy to keep up with all the news. You can sign up to get updates only specifically about things that interest you, and choose when you get the updates. The latter is really nice because you can have it hit your inbox around a time when you know you’ll want to read it so it doesn’t sit around clogging up your business.

AOTG also has an app you can use to get editing news, which is really nice.

You can sign-up for the email service, or watch the video below if you still aren’t sure what I’m talking about.