Call for Round 3 of Editor Baking Exchange

Vegan Blood Orange Bundt Cakes by @ninjakittay

Memorial Day is upon is, so I thought it’d be a great time to introduce round three of our editor baking exchange, lovingly referred to as #nomquerers (or sometimes #postnoms to save characters). We’ll celebrate the long weekend and official beginning of summer with another exchange of delicious baked goods between post production professionals across the country (or world, if anyone is willing).

We had something like 14 participants last time, most of which were guys!


How does it work?

Check out our tumblr and a couple of my past posts to get an idea. Basically, I’m setting a deadline of May 24th to opt into being a part of this round. @ me or DM me on Twitter and let me know you want in, and give me your address (or verify the address I have for you if you’ve done it before). On May 25th, I’ll use a random number generator to match you up with another post pro. It’s not a direct exchange – if you send to me, I won’t necessarily be sending to you. You’re just assigned a recipient. Then, BAKE! Get your goodies sent out within the following week (by June 1st, if you can). Feel free to include as much or as little as you want. All that’s required is one homemade baked goodie, but many past bakers have included a small selection of 2-4 treats, edit bay toys, decor, or even local delights and beer. When you receive your care package, post pictures on Twitter and the tumblr.

tl;dr: Let me know if you want in by May 24th, I’ll assigned you a recipient by May 25th, and you should ship by June 1st. One nom minimum. Post pictures and recipes!

@ninjakittay's package to @theriotisover for Valentine's Day

What about shipping?

If you pack your goodies well, the standard shipping should be OK. However, it seems to be that priority (3-5 day) shipping is the norm. The cost varies depending on where the package is going and how far away, but it’s usually not too bad. It’s worth it to participate — and you’re getting a box back!

What about international nomquerers? Are we allowed?

Shipping baked goodies overseas or across borders can be tricksy. If you’re in another country and want to participate, let me know and I’ll check shipping costs. I’ll probably have your sender be someone that’s OK with the added expense, and you’ll have to be OK with it too. We haven’t had anyone international yet!

What the hell are noms?

You must be new to the internets.