Editing Marvel’s Black Panther: Debbie Berman ACE

Debbie Berman, ACE, took a path to Hollywood blockbusters that wound through three countries over two decades and included South Africa’s first reality TV breakthrough Big Brother: South Africa, indie hit The Final Girls, 2017’s biggest grossing superhero film Spider-Man: Homecoming, and now the box-office-record-breaking Black Panther, co-edited by Michael P. Shawver.

Debbie Berman, ACE, editor of Marvel Studios
Debbie Berman, ACE

Growing up as a movie-obsessed South African kid, Debbie used to make short films with friends (and pets!) on weekends, and had her first exposure to editing through her high school video club’s linear edit suite. While she always loved all aspects of filmmaking, she felt she had a natural tendency toward editing — a job that combined her technical mindset (including time spent as a dial-up internet support tech!) with her creative side.

Spanning reality, television, indies and major feature films, anyone in the post production world should find inspiration in Debbie’s drive and career trajectory – a trajectory that most recently culminated in the collaboration of a female immigrant editor, African-American director, and female cinematographer on an action film that has grossed over a billion dollars so far. In Debbie’s own words, “Sometimes a movie is more than just a movie, and this is definitely one of those times.”

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