A Year in Pictures – 2015

It was quite a year for me, so I thought it would best be represented in a few pictures. To recap:

I began work for Bling Digital in Atlanta as a technician on The Originals in January

In February, I curled for the first time.

In April, I was a part of an NAB panel on the gender gap in post and covered the con for Creative COW.

Then I moved to Los Angeles, driving across the country.

I freelanced a little in LA before I started work with Bling Digital LA supervising Scorpion and Jane the Virgin.

I attended Cinegear and Editfest.

I represented Adobe at Vidcon in Anaheim.

My BFF editor Katie visited me for Halloween.

I saw Lana Del Rey and Underworld at the Hollywood Bowl.

I edited a pilot on the side.

I reconnected with old friends in Portland.

I got to know LA’s neighborhoods and went to parties in Hollywood, Marina Del Rey and the Hills.

I learned a lot about my industry and about myself.