Support for a Critically Injured VFX Artist

A break from regularly scheduled blogging and writing to bring attention to a fundraising campaign for a critically injured Los Angeles-based VFX artist, Michael Scott. According to the page, he was hit by a car that jumped the curb a couple nights ago and pinned to a column, which is horrifying. The last update I saw said he was stable but still critical after emergency surgery and a medically induced coma. I’m sure other updates will be posted to the campaign page.

While Michael and I have never met, we’ve occasionally interacted on Twitter and I periodically listen to a podcast he regularly contributes to — and it’s clear that he’s a great person who works to put positive things into the world about filmmaking, visual effects, and social justice. This fundraising campaign will undoubtedly be a huge help in getting him back to business as usual.

If nothing else, I’m sure his friends (many of which are also great Twitter users and podcast contributors) would appreciate words of support while they stand by for updates and likely help Michael’s family during this difficult time.