Play Cards Against Humanity with me at NAB 2014

Last year, we had a sort of informal Cards Against Humanity event. It ended up being so much fun, I started getting requests for another as early as December. So here it is in writing.

Monday, April 7th — 9PM til whenever — LVH Spacequest Bar

If you’re attending another event, come late, whenever. Leave whenever. This isn’t an official event, it’s just a designated meeting spot where there will be cards with very dirty words and a relatively quiet area to speak to each other. The Spacequest Bar (which has couches and coffee tables) always seems to be completely abandoned on weeknights, so we’re counting on it again. It’s steps away from a bar and a couple more steps away from the monorail entrance, so it’s super convenient. Feel free to come by even if you don’t know anyone. This is an excellent place to make a friend, unless you’re easily offended I suppose.

If you don’t feel like playing, come by and talk. If you don’t feel like talking, come by and play. No need to RSVP, though I’d love to know if it makes your schedule.

See you there!