New York Weekend with AFI

A couple weeks ago, I posted that I was invited to the Athena Film Festival at Barnard College to participate in AFI’s Directing Workshop for Women session. It happened last weekend, which also happened to coincide with a terrible nor’easter named Nemo that canceled my return flight and gave me two extra days in New York (and a full day in DC which is not as fun as it sounds.)

The weekend in photos:

The workshop was a fantastic experience and really made me think differently about my role as a storyteller. I’m so glad I got the chance to attend this special workshop and meet this group of talented women. Many of us traded cards, so I hope to hear from them as their projects progress.

In addition to the workshop, I had a really fantastic weekend in New York. I was generously allowed a free room at my friend Meaghan’s apartment in Brooklyn, and she took great care of me as the storm grounded me. We had a great amount of fun together, even spending a late night basking in the warm glow of FCP7. Did I mention we originally met on Twitter a few years ago? #postchat rocks. Another example of Twitter and editing changing my experience for the better.

I also got the opportunity to meet up with a number of other Twitter editors and talk shop and other silly stuff. Wandered much of Manhattan alone and with others. Got an adorable necklace. Visited Chinatown on Lunar New Year. It was just a really great weekend to spend as a creative in a vibrant city surrounded by talented editors. I’m glad I got the opportunity to do it.