New Video Pros, I need some feedback…

Help me out here, I’m working on a thing and I need a little feedback.

If you entered the video production workforce for the first time within the last 5 years, do me a favor and fill out this contact form. I want to know what life has been like for you since you officially put yourself on the job market. The biggest challenges or worries, biggest victories, whatever is most present on your mind when you think about how your career has been. Be as honest as you want, but keep details vague. Use a fake name if you want. Only use a valid email address if you want to give me the option to follow up with you.

I have a feeling I know what the majority of these will say, but I’m curious before I jump to conclusions.

I may choose to quote you anonymously in a future blog post, so if you submit you’re okay with that.

[contact-form subject=”My First 5 Years Story”]