Exciting News!


I’ve signed on to edit a feature film this summer! The feature length film will be shot late summer 2012. I’m not precisely sure what I can say about it yet other than the script is going to make for a very interesting edit. I’ll be co-editing this film with Katie Toomey and I’m really excited (and kind of relieved) that we’ll be editing this together, as it is a first for us both. Plus, we both have jobs, so we’ll be able to split tasks to work through it perhaps at a more full-time rate if we play it right.

The film is going to be DP’d by Michael Carney, and he told me today that we’ve confirmed the Canon C300 as the camera he’ll he using. He also confirmed some Zeiss lenses, full lighting package and one ton grip truck. I’m very excited and nervous to be working with footage from a camera of that caliber. As someone who has edited a lotttttt of HDV, I wonder what kinds of new adventures this will introduce to us.

So over the next few months, we’ll be exploring our NLE of choice, workflow, and figuring out basically what the hell we need to know to get this edited. I’ll be posting a lot about it in the coming weeks and months.