Projects, projects everywhere!

We’re currently in post on our horror short He Who Watches, finishing post on Love Dance, and doing an edit on BTS Leah Not Leia footage. I was also recently asked to edit another local horror short, and actually had to turn it down with impending freelance work on the horizon to balance on top of this already crazy workload, which marks the first time I’ve ever had to pass anything up. It’s awesome to be getting people asking ME if I could edit their stuff. I’m absolutely willing to edit any shorts (or features) I can get my hands on at this point to add all kinds of crazy and fun stuff to my portfolio. Plus, few things are as enjoyable as editing movies.

I was also brought on as an editor for an upcoming post-apocalyptic avant-garde piece that seems like it might be hitting post by summer next year. I’m very much looking forward to that one, as it’s unlike anything I’ve done so far, but matches very closely to my own personal taste.

I love editing. I’ll edit almost anything, good, bad, stupid, awesome, don’t care! It’s lovely to have a bit of name recognition starting to happen in the film community.