“Home Security” shoot

Last weekend, I had a chance to work on another of Kate Chaplin’s films, this time “Home Security.” This short, directed by Kate, will also be a part of The Collective horror series. It’ll be an honor to have a film on this collection alongside Kate! Anyway, I served as script supervisor for the one day shoot. I loved it! On sets I had previously only run slate or been or general PA, but I got promoted upward this time. I enjoyed being script supervisor because it was tied so closely to post production, honestly. I’d love to do it again sometime, so if anyone in Indy needs one, give me a shot!

The shoot was mostly outside, somewhat inside, and was cold cold cold (but not unbearably cold, fortunately!) We shot in a Noblesville neighborhood and nearby high school, then inside Kate’s house and super scary basement. It was originally intended to wrap at 9pm but as it goes in production, technical things went wrong after dinner and we ended up wrapped at about midnight. This 17 hour shoot was one of the longest I’ve been on, but honestly it was probably the most fun I’ve had on a shoot so far and definitely didn’t feel like 17 hours. The crew is so much fun to work with, with a crazy and often sick sense of humor I enjoy. When I look back onto the shoot, it seems like multiple days because we had so many conversation threads going amongst ourselves.


Yes, it was kind of crazy. I love the energy of a set, though.

At the end, when I was standing in a tiny basement with a dirt floor with spiders hanging down over my head in the 15th hour of production with a half nude woman digging a shallow grave in front of me, I pondered my life up to this point, and I found it good.