Gettysburg, PA

I spent a week in Gettysburg as I previously said. My intention was to do some time-lapse and long exposures because the house we rented was in a remote area. It was super dark with very little light pollution so it was perfect – except it was cloudy EVERY SINGLE NIGHT when we were there. I was pretty perturbed. I didn’t even attempt any time lapses because it was rainy and grey every morning we woke up anyway, and got dark too quickly with the clouds.On one night I did see some stars peek out briefly and they looked amazing, which was even more disappointing to see what I was missing. I’m hoping to get some star photos at least at some point before it gets really cold, but on a clear night I’ll go out in the cold if I need to do it.

Here are some still photos I took while we were there that are of some aesthetic. The first is at Sachs Bridge, the second in the Wheat Field, and the third I have no idea where. Somewhere on the battlefield.

By the way, the people I traveled with were very into the ghost hunting aspect of the trip, which was very interesting to say the least. I would like to get ahold of one of the voice recordings they supposedly made of the ghost in the attic of our rental house and clean them up and post them.